A Champion’s Start

A Champion’s Start

The Philippines is a country with a lucrative market for gamefowl production and sabong remains a very profitable enterprise for those who have the determination and passion. Whether they are in this venture as a hobby or as a business, the ultimate goal of any breeder and cockfighter is to raise their gamefowl in the most optimal condition to maximize their performance.

But, setting up a gamefowl farm requires profound expertise and investment. Thus, it is always better to start right and practice good farm management every step of the way to be successful. Below are some of the most important factors to consider when starting a gamefowl business.

Location. The selected area should have at least a 0.5-kilometer distance from other farms to avoid contamination and spread of diseases. It is ideal to choose sites with good drainage and porous soil type. Keep away from flood-prone and environmentally critical areas like watersheds. There should be a 25-meter distance from sources of ground and surface drinking water.

Medium and large farms should be at least a kilometer away from residential, commercial, and industrial areas. For smaller poultry farms, a 0.5-kilometer distance from built-up areas is preferable—select locations with sufficient water and electricity sources. When constructing facilities, consider other factors like drainage and waste disposal and that these activities will not cause problems for the residents living near the farm area.

Biosecurity. 80% of the diseases in a poultry farm are likely carried by contaminated people, equipment, and vehicles. Growers should put a sign indicating that entry is allowed only for authorized people with official business. There should be an allotted station for workers and visitors where they can change clothing and decontaminate their boots before entering the growing house. A footbath should be maintained at every section of the growing area. It is also important to restrict the entry of visitors that have been in recent contact with other farms. Only authorized vehicles should enter the farm, and these should be decontaminated on entry and exit. There should also be a parking area with enough distance from the flock.

Ensure that the design of the shed prevents the entry of rodents, insects, and wild birds. Practice cleaning and disinfection of houses before the arrival of new birds. Tools and equipment should be regularly disinfected. Farm staff should systematically visit the flock from the oldest to the youngest to minimize the spread of diseases. Most importantly, as gamefowl business managers, your farm workers must receive regular training on biosecurity guidelines to guarantee the consistent implementation of good practices.

Disease Management. Breeders need to be aware of diseases that may infect the flock and their symptoms. Newcastle disease can be identified by symptoms like torticollis and greenish diarrhea and can be prevented by vaccination with NCD LaSota, B1B1, and Clon. Marek’s disease can be observed on birds suffering from hurdle paralysis and blindness; the vaccine should be given to day-old chicks by subcutaneous injection. Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) can be prevented by vaccination with live or killed Mycoplasma Gallisepticum Bacterin of 45-day-old birds via an intraocular, intramuscular, or subcutaneous method.

Aside from these, there are still several viral, bacterial, and parasitic diseases that can affect the flock. Each disease has different symptoms and treatment methods. 

Nutrition. Every competent breeder understands that excellent and high-quality feeds are vital for the gamebirds to achieve their full genetic potential through selection and breeding. Unlike layers and broilers, the main goal of gamefowl nutrition is for the stags and cocks to reach optimal pit performance—to be a champion.

Salto Feeds provides top-quality gamefowl nutrition for balanced growth, increased resistance, development of ideal body frame, agility, stamina, and power. Salto has a complete line of excellent feeds from chick development until fight conditioning.

Location, Biosecurity, Health Management and Nutrition are just some of the things you should prioritize when going into gamefowl raising and production. Through Salto Feeds and the expert advice and support of Salto technical specialists, your gamefowls can reach their top form for superior pit dominance. 


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