Breeder Feeds vs Layer Feeds


What is the difference between Gallimax 21 Breeder Feed and Poultry Layer Feed?

• Breeder Feeds include nutrients for the development of the chick while Layer Feeds are for increasing lay.

• Breeder Feeds contain balanced calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D for the proper shell hardness. Fertile eggs thick shells can be detrimental to a hatching chick. While Layer Feeds have higher calcium specs to have harder shelled eggs because table eggs need to be transported.

• Breeder Feed is enhanced with Vitamin E and Selemiun to improve reproductive function.

• Breeder Feed is fed to both broodcock and broaden while Layer Feed is recommended for hens only as some layer feeds are enhanced with egg laying female hormones (follicle stimulating hormone) which we don’t want to be given to the broodcocks.